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22.10.23: The End: Album Release "Blastoff to Nowhere"

In spring 2020, Rat.Ten went separate ways, just as our favourite squats, autonomous spaces and anarchist projects always change and become something else. We all struggle on in our way and there will always be more music projects for some of us, some even with songs from Rat.Ten.

The good news is, we just managed to record our latest songs at the same time, for the album "Blastoff to Nowhere". This Album is now released and you can download it from here or from Bandcamp (Where we might get a kick from the downloads stats - our own website doesn't log anything). It was meant to be quickly followed by a third album, for which we already had almost all the songs, but the title became prophetic. Our band went separate ways just as society self-isolated itself. After a while we found a nice person (Ben Rehkotzt) who mixed our recordings for us, and fate struck again. The working files vanished after the laptop on which they were stored disappeared after a wild punk concert in a basement in Halle. All that remains are the half finished that is what you get to hear now on this album. We don't want to delay anymore, as we're all involved in new projects and we want to move forward - just as the struggle for a better world must move forward, especially in times like these. Okay, this has gotten long enough. Enjoy our Music if you remember us, and we'll see each other at diy shows and on the streets. Thanks to everybody who has supported us over the years, it was one hell of a rocket ship ride with Maurice.

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