The band

28.12.20: BackToPolitics - Soli Sampler

Die Tonne in Wangen hat dieses Jahr statt Punkfescht nach Weihnachten eine Zusammenstellung guter Musik aus den letzten Jahren gemacht. Reinhören lohnt sich! Wir freuen uns, dass wir zum Sampler beitragen durften. Unterstützt unsere Freiräume (und erkämpft auch neue)!

23.12.19: Rat.Ten - LIVE! …dans le Quartier Libre des Lentilléres

Just a few days ago, we had a great gig in Dijon, at the Grange Rose in the Quartier Libre des Lentilléres, where they just managed to stop a major development project which would have turned the whole area into a concrete urban jungle. We taped the concert there on a good old small handheld recorder, and as a gift to all those fighting out there right now, we present a live album, almost the complete concert in Dijon, available as a download from Bandcamp!

We're also hard at work on our upcoming first "real" album, whatever that stay tuned, and we'll see each other on the streets in the meantime.

22.09.18: EP Release

EP Release! We finally have managed to commit our first songs to "digital tape". The EP is available in CD-Form with booklet directly from us (at every gig, or write us an E-mail) or as a download from Bandcamp. We'd really appreciate donations, so we can record the first full-length album as soon as possible. We're excited to get your feedback, enjoy!

01.12.17: First Gig!

Finally we will stand on stage! Our first gig is together with Malfunc Prism in the KTS in Freiburg im Breisgau on the 15th of December. Come by, enjoy the noise and drink a beer with us ;-)